• Tonquani Knysna Lodge and Spa
  • Tonquani Knysna Lodge and Spa
  • Tonquani Knysna Lodge and Spa

Enjoy a peaceful vacation in the heart of the Garden Route when visiting Knysna. Home to the illustrious Pansy Shell, the Knysna Lagoon is a must-see spot. Enjoy the beauty of the Knysna heads while children play in the shallow waters. Set aside at leased 3 days to explore this prestine surroundings and treasure the most memorable experience.

While planning your Knysna Bucket List, keep in mind that Knysna offers a wide variety of things to do.

Nature and Wildlife activities
Arts and Entertainment
Family Activities
Major Attractions
Health and Beauty
Hiking and Biking etc.

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Exploring Knysna

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